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Friday, June 5, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling, one of my favorites. I am a big supporter of recycling; here at home I have roughly 6 to 10 recycling bins here there and yonder; one for compost, one for paper, and one under the sink as a collection spot until it goes outside into the sorting bins (we live an hour from a recycling center that will take everything so I wait till the cans are full before I make my trip in). My husband would complain now and then about how MANY I had, but I kept reminding him that every time I filled up a recycling can it saved him $4.50 (that’s how much it costs to take a can to the dump). So he relented to creating my own recycling space. A little shed off the garage where I can ‘keep’ all my recycling until I have enough to go to the recycler, and now I’m happy and he’s happy, works out well.
Recycling is something I firmly believe in because it is something that if everyone participated in, everyone could see results. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of visiting a landfill, more than once, and it is really sad! And stinky! But just take a moment to think about all your garbage, and then multiply that times the number of houses on your street. Where does all the garbage go? Well I’m here to tell you, they just pile it up! Not pretty. So do your part and recycle. Once you gain a rhythm it really is no big deal. RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE. Everyone’s doing it!
I really try to take my passion for recycling along with me everywhere in life and that includes my quilting studio. I have a really hard time throwing out a piece of fabric knowing that it is big enough to use somewhere! The only problem with this is that it creates a very large pile of small scraps. But now I found a person in my community who loves all my scraps, so when my bag gets full I track her down and had them over. It makes me feel better knowing that someone else will be using what I couldn’t.
There are times though, when I go digging thru my scrap bag before I pass it on and it is always surprising what can come out of my scrap bag. Yesterday I started working on a new project that is mainly comprised of scraps from leftover projects. I do confess however, the lining for the bag and one large square I gathered from my stash; but everything else was pieced together using leftover triangles, bits from leftover quilt batting and old jeans that were too small, or had too many holes to be wearing in public anymore! With any luck I will be able find enough time to finish my recycled, repurposed bag today and then soon thereafter it will be posted at http://www.kandkkrafts.etsy.com/.
Thanks for taking the time and I hope I’ve inspired just one to recycle more.

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