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Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for a new project!

I am a great one for buying something with the good intentions of creating something wonderful...only to have it sit around for a long, long time. Well last night as I was rifling through my fabric stash I came across this kit for a Christmas Tree skirt, who know how long I have had it! So out it came, the fabric is beautiful, from the Thimbleberries collection, with stars, and pine cones and holly berries. Now today, it is a wonderful rainy day and with any luck I will have it done by dinner! So keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck.

Better get onto crafting,
have a wonderful day :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Autumn Inspiration

The colors of Fall always provide such an inspiration for artful creations. The large maple leaves turning from green, to yellow to orange; then finally falling to the ground, covering the ground with such a beautiful display of leaves. Each leaf unique, creating such texture and softness to the landscape.

Most of our trees here on the North Coast are evergreens so it is always pleasant to spot a maple changing colors among the greenery. The maples are stretched few and far between along the 101 corridor, yet they still captured my attention and were the inspiration for my 'Autumn Harvest Quilt'


Hope you all are enjoying Fall in your neck of the woods :)